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Car Selling Tips

Know Your Market
Use to get a REAL value for your vehicle before you put it on the market. Book values are outdated and are not always an accurate indicator of what you can expect people are willing to pay for similar vehicles in your area. Use the CarSoup Market Estimator or do a Used Vehicle search to find the right asking price.

Have It Inspected
Do more than check under the seats to get top dollar for your vehicle. Find a local Inspection Center from our directory at Getting a vehicle inspection demonstrates your confidence in the reliability of the vehicle and can act as an additional selling point in your online ad.

Have Your Vehicle Cleaned and Detailed
Getting your car professionally cleaned can increase its value far more than what it might cost. Nothing slows down sales faster than stale cigarette or pet odors. Professionals get into all the small spaces and have equipment and cleaners that return that 'new car smell' and have it looking great. Use the online coupons available from participating locations in our Car Detailing Directory.

Do the Little Things
Do other small things that can make a big difference. Top off the oil and the coolant. If you did not have any service work done, it's a good idea to check the other fluids, including transmission, power steering and brakes. Change or add if they are low. If you've kept good records, now is the time to get them together. A well-maintained vehicle is worth more to a buyer.

Do the Paperwork In Advance
Having the title ready for transfer in advance will make actually selling your car a much less painful process. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles or Public Safety to learn what is required by your state. If you have outstanding traffic tickets, now is the time to take care of them. It’s also important to remember that if you want to let a potential buyer take the vehicle out for a test drive, check with your insurance agent first.

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