Beauty=More than Skin-Deep

You’re about to take the step to enter into a relationship with your perfect car. Your ‘DONE’ list has check marks next to most of the important sections: Fits my needs, check; performance, check; styling, check; good value, check and “in my budget” check.

One last item isn’t checked. It’s the most important one, though: Having a thorough 150-point bumper to bumper inspection done by an independent expert. When a home is purchased, an inspection is almost mandatory, and a motor vehicle is your second largest purchase after that. For the few dollars it takes, the peace of mind—and sense of safety it gives—is well worth it! Click here to schedule an inspection with a featured partner.

Why do this?

AiM is a national consortium of vehicle inspection experts. Over the past four years expertly-trained AiM employees have inspected more than 35-million new and used vehicles. Their vast experience combined with AiM’s state-of-the-art technology guarantee that you will receive an accurate, thorough and complete auto inspection report in a timely manner that will help you make your final purchase decision.

Just $129 will send an AiM inspector to your home, or wherever the vehicle you wish to buy may be. There, they will complete a 150-point vehicle inspection and conduct a test drive designed to reveal any existing mechanical issues. Inspections are normally scheduled within 48 hours of your order and the inspection report is usually on its way to your home or office computer within 48 hours after the inspection is completed.
Peace of mind is that economical, easy and fast!
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The faster you do, the sooner you’ll be able to buy with confidence!