Total Quality Awards and Labor Day Savings

Total Quality Awards and Labor Day Savings

Labor Day parade via U.S. National Archives

Happy Labor Day weekend to our USian readers! Here are some of the most interesting automotive news items for the last week of August.

Report: Consumer Happiness with New Vehicles

Our archives of expert reviews give an important perspective on car buying, but what about the opinions of average car buyers? Strategic Vision, a consumer satisfaction research company, has compiled its list of the most successful vehicles in the eyes of new car buyers. An excerpt of the winners’ list can be found below. To see the full list, visit the Strategic Vision site.

**Segment****Winner(s)****Total Quality Index Score**
Small Car[Fiat 500 Hatchback]( "Fiat 500 Reviews")869
Mid-Size Car[Chevrolet Volt]( "Chevrolet Volt Reviews")913
Large Car[Dodge Charger]( "Dodge Charger Reviews")911
Luxury Car[Audi A8 Sedan]( "Audi A8 Reviews")942
Mid-Size Crossover Utility[Ford Flex]( "Ford Flex Reviews")888
Full-Size Pickup[Ford F-150]( "Ford F-150 Reviews")902
## Senior Driver Safety

The news of a 100-year-old California man accidentally backing into adults and children on a sidewalk near an elementary school raises the frequent question about age, driver competency and safety. It’s not a simple question, but AAA has a smart program for senior drivers that has important information for all drivers to read.

Shine On, Blue Moon

Hard not to get some classic tunes stuck in your head with the news of a blue moon coming this Friday.

Labor Day Savings

Chances are good you can find most of the winners of the Total Quality Awards on from local dealers. This weekend is a great one for shopping as many dealers will be featuring Labor Day savings. Plan your weekend of shopping, and while you’re at it download our iPad app to take with you! No better shopping companion around.

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