Cheapest Gas In The US, A Car Crash For The Record Books, And Electric Vehicle News

Cheapest Gas In The US, A Car Crash For The Record Books, And Electric Vehicle News

Week of September 2-9

Driver Survives Devastating Crash

This is the kind of news about a car crash that we like to hear. In this article on Autoevolution, we learn that a horrifying crash that completely totaled this Lamborghini Murciélago left the driver with only light injuries. It’s still hard to look at this crash without cringing!

Of course the best news is no crash news! Remember to use common sense and drive defensively. We don’t need to see the exotic luxury car you found on smashed to bits next week.

Gas Prices

Consumer Reports has broken down gas prices for this week over last week, and by region. Turns out the cheapest place to go for a road trip is the Rocky Mountains, followed by the Gulf Coast. The most expensive place to drive is, no surprise, California.

Electric Vehicles Move Towards Leasing Model

Electric Vehicles, or EVs, are not selling as well as hoped, but as a result some interesting sales methods have been unveiled by car makers.

According to the Chevy Volt is available for shockingly affordable leases and the base level of $279 with $2,419 due at signing is quite good for a car that runs new at $44,000. Find out if this deal is available near you.

As we detail in our latest review, the brand new Honda Fit EV is offering an unusual model of only leasing the vehicle, and only leasing it in certain markets. According to the Honda Fit EV site, for those lucky few in select markets, you can pay $389/month with $389 due at signing. It also only comes in a trademark bright blue color.

Interested in leasing, but not exactly sure what you’ll be getting yourself into? Check out our Lease or Buy article to learn more.

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