Toyota At A Honda Dealership And Other Tips For How To Buy A Used Car

Toyota At A Honda Dealership And Other Tips For How To Buy A Used Car

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Tips For Shopping For A Used Car From A Dealer

Used cars are as popular as they’ve ever been for smart car buyers. They can be a great way to save money while still finding a safe, fun to drive car with many years ahead of it.
What separates the average used car shopper from the smart used car shopper is a bit of knowledge of how shopping for used cars is unique.

Pick Out A Solid Model Of Used Car

Having a good idea of what model you’d like to buy can help make the trip to the dealer lot easier. Having a list of solid models in mind can help you make a smart decision, and not be lead astray by an over eager salesperson.

A great place to start when looking for a relatively newer model is a review site (may we recommend a great one) where you can delve into the archives and find if the car met your needs when it was new. One useful tip is to look for the less popular makes and models with good reviews. Less popular cars generally tend to be cheaper.

Pick out a few models, too, in case you can’t find your first choice. That leads us to the second tip.

Look Outside The Box For Your Used Car

Used cars are available at large dealerships, small dealerships, and even in your neighbor’s driveway. However, there’s no guarantee that the best car for your money will be available nearby. Used cars are obviously dependent on the market, and there’s a chance your dream car might not be for sale. That’s part of why it’s important to have a long list of potential candidates.

Another important thing to consider is finding cars at other dealerships that might not be the first place you would look. When people sell their old car to buy brand new models, chances are good they’re not selling the same brand to that dealership. Don’t be afraid to ask the dealership for used cars whose logos aren’t on their sign.

You can just hoof it to all your local dealerships to hunt down the cars on your list, but for those who have families and jobs and lives to lead, the internet is your friend. Using a site like can make it super easy to find the used car you’re looking for without worrying about which dealership is its home.

Stay Tuned For Deals On Used Cars

If you’re not in a hurry to buy your next car, take some time to research how prices changes over the course of time for your car. Write it all down. When dealerships announce the latest sale, you can compare it with the notes (yes, actual notes) that you’ve taken on prices for your car. This can also give you a great way to compare prices of dealerships with each other.

It’s easy to quickly learn what the going rate is for a car model in your area, just search used cars on

Figure Out Payment Options Ahead Of Time

Financing is the quiet way that you can either save money or get an unfortunately bad deal. Some deals that sound too good to be true might be just that. The Federal Trade Commission outlines the important things to watch out for with any financing deal.

–the exact price you’re paying for the vehicle
–the amount you’re financing
–the finance charge (the dollar amount the credit will cost you)
–the APR (a measure of the cost of credit, expressed as a yearly rate)
–the number and amount of payments
–the total sales price (the sum of the monthly payments plus the down payment)

You can prepare for the trip to a dealership by arranging what might be potentially cheaper financing deals ahead of time. Check out the financing page on

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