Automotive News and Winterization Specials from CarSoup

Automotive News and Winterization Specials from CarSoup
[![Renault 4L by Clairspics]( "Renault 4L by Clairspics")]( 4L
### Classic Cars May Be Banned In City of Lights

The Mayor of Paris wants to ban all cars manufactured before 1997 fromt he city center, reports While it’s designed to cut down on air pollution in the city, critics claim it will make it even harder for poor people to live and work in the capital. It would certainly also put a damper on classic car fans enthusiasm for the city.

Big Worldwide Recall From Toyota

Another big recall for Toyota – 2.8 million Prius hybrids will be recalled worldwide. Water pumps and steering systems need to be repaired and replaced in the popular hybrid cars. This comes on the heels of another big recall from Toyota for power windows, which we posted about here.

Smartphones in car mirrors?

It sounds pretty futuristic in this CNET article, but it makes us nervous! We can’t help but think that a car mirror + smartphone = accidents  waiting to happen!

Search Bar and iPad App

The Search Bar is the newest addition to! Use your zip code to search up all makes and models cars in your area. Easy as that!

If you’re away from your computer the only better way to search for cars than the original site is using the Car Shopping App. Version 1.1 was recently released, which is better and easier to use than ever.

[Image above via by Clairspics]

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