LA Auto Show Photos, Highest Owner Satisfaction And Safe Shopping

LA Auto Show Photos, Highest Owner Satisfaction And Safe Shopping

BMW Concept roadster

2012 LA Auto Show: November 30 – December 9

The LA Auto Show always lures the most stylish and innovative car designs to its exhibition hall. With California’s “zero-emission vehicle” mandate hanging over the industry’s head many car makers are responding with their own versions of electric-powered vehicles.

The next best thing to actually flying to LA to enjoy the final weekend of the show is to read John Gilbert’s comprehensive coverage of the LA Auto Show posted on Wednesday.

Vehicles With Highest Owner Satisfaction

We offer a lot of reviews of how cars look and perform when they’re brand new, but how can you tell which cars will be worth it for the long haul? Generally people depend on recommendations from families and friends. With that in mind, Consumer Reports surveyed its readers and subscribers to find out which cars they own that would definitely buy again. Here’s a few examples of the answers. Read the full report here.

**Category****Most Satisfying****% Definitely Buy Again****Least Satisfying** **% Definitely Buy Again**
Small SedanVolkswagen Jetta TDI 74%Nissan Versa 49
Luxury Car Audi A7 90Buick Regal (non-turbo) 57
Small SUVs Mazda CX-5 80Mitsubishi Outlander/ Jeep Liberty 52
**Elaborate Fraud Steals Millions From Car and RV Buyers**

Criminals take advantage of unwitting buyers every day, and this story is just a particularly wide-spread and elaborate example. Romanian criminals from all over the world targeted consumers in New York and other locations through Ebay Motors,, and the like.

While we have no news of the criminals using, there is always the risk that private party listings are fake or fraudulent. To protect yourself, we recommend taking a look at this article published earlier this year about staying safe while car shopping. Here are the most important things to remember:

  • Never buy a large purchase such as a boat, RV or car without looking at it.
  • Avoid wiring money for cars, RVs and the like.
  • If the price for a vehicle seems too good to be true, that’s probably because it is.

If you’ve experienced any trouble with fraud while buying or selling on please contact us here.

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