Auto News: Brand New Year, Green Car Safety And Dead Car Models

Auto News: Brand New Year, Green Car Safety And Dead Car Models


Welcome to 2013! We are sure this year will be the best one yet, at least until 2014 rolls around!

Some worries persist about the safety of car batteries in hybrid and electric cars. While there have been occasional concerns raised and incidents of electric cars catching on fire or exploding, by and large they are not more dangerous than conventional cars, reports on the Chicago Tribune. 

[![1901 calendar](]( Calendar Stand In For 2013
No need to spring for a new calendar when plenty of old ones will work just as well. Just scratch off the year and write in 2013. Here are many fine, [retro calendar stand ins](!

If you haven’t heard of Zipcar, that will probably be changing soon. This innovative car share company wants to take on the future of overpopulation and limited parking and driving space one compact car at a time. With backing of rental car veteran company Avis it is set to take the world by storm, reports GigaOm. Would you ever subscribe in a car sharing service? Do you do so now?

Car models come and go every year. For every Hyundai Veloster and Mazda CX-5 that has arrived on the market there is are Volvo C30s and Suzuki anythings that have left it forever. The automotive business is a harsh mistress so here’s a Motor Trend piece commemorating the models of seasons past.

CarSoup has finally swallowed the Pinterest Kool-Aid, and it’s a great place to see beautiful car, truck and motorcycle photos. So come join us!

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