Auto Accessories For Your Pet

If you own a car and you’re an animal lover, there are many accessories for purchase that can improve pet safety and comfort in your current vehicle. From pet hammocks for your car to collapsible water bowls, you can find most anything online these days.

Car safety harness
“A seatbelt, a real harness designed for dogs, is one of the safest ways to go because it prevents the pet from being thrown around in the case of an accident,” says KC Theisen, the Humane Society of the U.S.

Backseat bridge
This accessory bridges the gap between front and rear seats so your pet is less likely to be thrown to the floor in a sudden stop.
Pet travel bowl
Perfect for longer car rides, this travel bowl collapses to about an inch thick for easy packing and storage in a full car.

Rear seat hammock
This hammock for dogs connects to the headrests of front and rear seats. It increases pet safety by discouraging your pup from jumping into the front seat. This car accessory also protects the backseat area from doggy damage.

Bucket booster pet seat
Improves pet safety by securing the dog in place (car’s seat belt can go through the booster seat and a dog harness can also be attached). Improves pet comfort by allowing smaller dogs to comfortably see out the window.

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