2014 Luxury Preview

![High-powered with even higher class.](http://buyersguide.carsoup.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/00-Main-Luxury_Preview.jpg)The Acura TL is high-powered with even higher class.
The heart of the luxury car market is the premium mid-sized sedan. They offer six-cylinder power and enough space to accommodate five adults on a weekend trip or a drive to a convention. Expect a host of vehicular technology on board, as these sedans usually represent a brand’s image. Active and passive safety technology is cutting edge in these sedans.

The level of luxury in some of these sedans offer an almost made-to-order experience. Expect the best a brand has to offer in terms of material, convenience and infotainment. You definitely get what you pay for when playing in this field.

There are plenty of luxury players to choose from.

ACURA TL: This is a fine sedan that is often overlooked. The best one to get is the SH-AWD model with 305 horsepower and one of the finest all-wheel drive systems in the market. You get a mix of sport and luxury inside, along with a high level of tech to keep you entertained and on the road.

AUDI A6: One could call this a “sleeper,” but it is not. The lineage dates back to the 1960s and is truly the heart of the four-ringed lineup. You get the requisite four-cylinder turbocharged option with a choice of a supercharged V6 and a TDI diesel. You could also step up to the V8-powered S6 for more performance. You can also count on Audi to provide Quattro all-wheel drive to across the lineup.

AUDI A7: Built off of the A6, the A7 adds a hatchback to the mix along with the widest lineup in its class. Its starts with a supercharged V6, and ranges up to a TDI diesel, the S7 V8 and the high performance RS7 with 560 horsepower on tap. You cannot get any A/S/RS7 without Quattro all-wheel drive. Though the A6 is the essence of the brand, the A7 has now become its focal point.

BMW 5-SERIES: This is the best sedan offered by the Roundel. It has limousine space with balanced performance and driving dynamics. The base model starts off with a turbocharged four-cylinder with additional choices of a turbocharged six, a turbocharged V8, a turbocharged diesel six and a hybrid driveline. Don’t forget the Gran Turismo hatchbacks. On almost every model, you could also choose the xDrive all-wheel-drive system. However, the ultimate model is the M5 – twin turbocharged V8 with supercar performance.

CADILLAC CTS: Brand new for 2014, it has already garnered more than enough attention and accolades to be considered amongst the core of this segment. You get a choice of a turbocharged four-cylinder power with two V6s – one being the twin-turbocharged Vsport. All-wheel drive is available on most models. It is right-sized for the class with plenty of space and luxury to make your drive.

HYUNDAI GENESIS SEDAN: The Koreans knew exactly what they were doing by introducing a rear-drive luxury sedan aimed at the core of the market. With both V6 and V8 power available, the spacious Genesis Sedan offers no compromise luxury at a Hyundai price. A new model is forthcoming for 2015.


INFINITI M: This Infiniti offers plenty of its own luxury with distinctive design and technology. A choice of the VQ37 V6, a V8 and a hybrid driveline motivates this shapely sedan at the top of the brand’s sedan range. All-wheel drive is available for non-hybrid models. It has yet to be renamed into the Q nomenclature scheme, which means we could expect a new brand flagship in the near future. Still, the M is a solid choice in the class.

JAGUAR XF: If one car could change the fortunes of a brand – the XF is that car. Jaguar nailed the formula by mixing sport with advanced design and luxury. You get a choice of a turbocharged four-cylinder, a supercharged V6 and a supercharged V8. The XF also comes in two sports model – depending on how hardcore you want your drive. An all-wheel-drive model is available with the supercharged V6.

LEXUS ES: Lexus offers two options in this class. The ES is one of the original models for the brand and offers spacious accommodations, modern technology and a choice of a V6 or a hybrid driveline. For a gentle ride and nice luxury, the ES also offers good value in the class.

LEXUS GS: If you want something closer to the core of this class, the GS will not disappoint. It, too, offers a V6 or a hybrid driveline – the latter has a V6 attached to the Lexus Synergy Drive. All-wheel drive is available here, as well. It offers a great driving experience that befits its sporty image.

LINCOLN MKZ: There is a reason this sedan is listed amongst this group – it is quite good. Besides being the symbol of the new Lincoln Motor Company, the MKZ offers a mix of sportiness with a new level of Lincoln luxury inside and out. You have the choice of a turbocharged four-cylinder, a V6 and a hybrid driveline with an all-wheel drive system available.

MASERATI GHIBLI: The Italians were serious about competing in this class. Once the name of one of the brand’s most iconic GTs, the Ghibli offers an Italian perspective on the class by crafting the brand’s design elements onto a smaller frame – smaller than the Quattroporte. Power comes from a choice of twin turbocharged V6s – 345 and 404 horsepower, depending on model. Still, the Ghibli provides a choice that stands out in a crowd – just as you expect an Italian car to do.

MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS: This is the definition of this class. With classic Mercedes styling, the interior is right-sized for 4-5 people. The 2014 model has been updated keeping in line with the latest trends of the brand – but remains a solid performer overall. Powering the E-Class is a choice of a V6, a V8, a turbocharged four-cylinder diesel – a first since the mid-1970s – a hybrid driveline and two AMG models. 4Matic all-wheel drive is available for most of the E-Class lineup. If these choices are not enough, the E-Class is also offered in a coupe, a convertible and a wagon.

VOLVO S80: Revised for 2014, the Swedish automaker reminds us on how it uses its staying power to keep going. You get a choice of a naturally aspirated or turbocharged in-line six-cylinder – the latter is available with all-wheel drive. The S80 offers space and luxury that you expect at the top of the range, though it is in a very competitive segment.

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