The Top 5 Reasons to Go Diesel

The Top 5 Reasons to Go Diesel

What will make you go Diesel instead of Gas?Nearly 55% of all European vehicles have diesel engines – while here in the U.S., they account for less than 3% of all cars sold.

That is changing. Diesels have become one of the fastest growing segments in auto sales, and manufacturers are responding by offering more diesel models to consumers. We talked with Travis Brown of Volkswagen of Inver Grove, Minnesota, to find out the top reasons why people like diesels.

1. Fuel Economy – Diesel fuel is more potent than gasoline, so it gets significantly better mileage. 40 to 50 miles per gallon is common with diesel, which works out to 600 to 800 miles per tank.

2. Longevity – Diesel engines must be strong to handle the explosive power of diesel fuel, plus they contain a greater amount of oil and lubricants. (Travis knows of a well-maintained diesel vehicle with 960,000 miles on it!) That’s why the ideal buyer of a diesel is someone who drives at least 15,000 miles per year and plans to own the vehicle for at least ten years. By that time, the extra $2,000 to $2,500 that one pays up front for a diesel vehicle balances out.

3. The Green Factor – Diesel is a clean-burning fuel thanks to an exhaust system with a particulate filter and an afterburner that greatly reduces the CO2 emissions. On top of that, some newer diesel cars and trucks also use Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF or AdBlue) to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides in emissions. In fact, diesel vehicles were named the “Green Car of the Year” in both 2009 (Volkswagen’s Jetta) and 2010 (the Audi A3). If you’re going green, a diesel vehicle typically costs less than a hybrid or electric car.

4. Not Your Daddy’s Diesel – Diesels are no longer the smelly, noisy cars of yesteryear. Improvements in the fuel and the engines have solved old assumptions. New technology has virtually eliminated the traditional difficulty of starting a diesel engine in cold weather.

5. Satisfaction – Travis has noticed that once people go diesel, they rarely switch back to gasoline engines. They make a point of buying diesel next time – especially if they want to try to break that one million mile mark!

*Know Your Stuff: On average, a gallon of diesel costs 30-cents more than regular gas, and runs a few cents cheaper than premium gasoline. *

Ready to make the switch? Start your search for a fuel-efficient diesel car or truck on!

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