What Does a Blond in a Truck Say?

What Does a Blond in a Truck Say?
![Renata Kuerten and Dodge Ram - Credit: Nexus](http://buyersguide.carsoup.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Desktop-Nexus-IMG-570x379.jpg)Renata Kuerten and Dodge Ram – Credit: Nexus
People are saying something without saying something, about who they are and what they want, through their new car purchase. In a recent interview, evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller commented that “What we buy says a lot about who we are and what we want, especially when it comes to what we drive.” According to Miller, our vehicle purchases display our personality traits, creativity and intelligence.

With May automotive sales at a seven year high, and according to Kelley Blue Book up over 11 percent from last year, many are making a bold personal statement and possibly even looking for love on the road. Miller adds whether we are aware or not, “we make purchases strategically to attract a member of the opposite sex.”

“I drive a Dodge Ram truck and it definitely makes a statement about me, says Lori Lynn Christenson of CarSoup.com. For her, driving a simple sedan or traditional car wasn’t an option. Lori needs a big strong truck to power her love of horseback riding, and she blends right in at the rural parking lot of the stable with many other truck driving women. Lori adds, “But, look, you see a tall blond, with big…eyes, getting out of a huge black truck in the city and, yeah, I do get extra attention because of it.”

Around Bloomington, Minnesota where she lives and works, not a lot women drive trucks, even though research shows women purchase 250,000 trucks a year. Lori recognizes that city men look and treat her differently because of her vehicle. “This one guy came up to me in a restaurant parking lot,” said Lori, “and wanted to know all about the Hemi engine and was curious if it was powerful as advertised. I think he was comfortable approaching me because I was a woman driving the truck. I don’t think he would have asked a man the same question.” Likely the guy was using it as a conversation starter as well, given that Lori later found his number on a note tucked under her windshield.

If driving a big truck sends the signal about Lori, what does what you drive say about you? If you drive a convertible, you might be looking to attract other adventurous, energetic types, but if you are rocking around town in a minivan, well, chances are no one will even notice. In a recent CNET review, the minivan was highlighted as being the car least likely to attract the opposite sex citing drivers of minivans as being “nearly invisible,” which is only midly depressing news for some. However, the color of the car plays a role, too – not just body style. Red cars get more attention, but is it a fact or myth that they get more tickets?

Find out the answer to that question and more by taking the “What Does Your Car Say About You” quiz on CarSoup.com hosted by Discovery.com

As for Lori and the parking lot Prince, she had this to say: “Are you kidding? I could never date a guy who doesn’t know his engines!”

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