Top 10 Safest Cars for a Teenager

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You’ve been along for the ride on all of their big life events. Cheering first steps when they learned to walk, kissing skinned knees when they started to run and grinning through your terrified position in the passenger seat when you taught them to drive. Which makes it so hard to watch those taillights disappear when they drive away, for the first time, without you. And the second time and the third and… well, as parents we never stop worrying, do we?

Many of us at are parents too and understand what it’s like to worry, especially during summer months when accidents rates escalate and, sadly, many involve teens. This is why we’ve compiled the Top Ten Safest Cars for Teens based on crash testing and safety standards, find more on Stay safe this summer!

Based on highest safety ratings of 2014 by IIHS

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