Friday Face-Off - July 4, 2014

Friday Face-Off - July 4, 2014
![Two for the Family for The Fourth!]( for the Family for The Fourth!
There two are honest-to-goodness crossovers – part-minivan, part-SUV, all family transportation.

Chevrolet’s Traverse has been the choice of many families – according to its latest ads. Amongst its class, it has the largest interior and the best third row room. Adults could actually sit back there! The seating is flexible for both passengers and cargo. A V6 powers the Traverse with optional all-wheel drive available to keep it on the road at all times. Traverses start off at $31,670.

However, Ford’s Flex may remind you of a station wagon from the 1970s – except the third row faces forward. That is actually a good thing. Based off of the Taurus, the Flex’s space is sizeable with a lower roof than the Traverse, but it makes up for great V6 performance, a solid ride, superb handling and a lower center of gravity. What family would not mind that? Flex prices start at $29,910.

TheNew or the Flex? Which one would you take your family to today’s parade, picnic or the fireworks display in?

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