Meet The Car Collector

Meet The Car Collector
![A Lesson on The Classics - From The Collector]( Lesson on The Classics – From The Collector
If you love cars, you may want to meet a collector of them.

At the 10,000 Lakes Concours d’Elegance in Excelsior, Minnesota, the team met up with several car collectors who were proudly showing off their finest. One such collector is Richard Bury of Chanhassen, Minnesota, who specializes in General Motors cars. In particular, he collects Buicks.

Bury’s collection resides at the AutoMotoPlex garage condo complex in Chanhassen. His Buick collection numbers six at present, including a 1928 Sports Roadster, two 1940 Limited convertibles, 1955 Roadmaster convertible, 1966 Electra 225 convertible and a 1970 Electra 225 convertible. “My dad drove Buicks for years,” said Bury, “so I grew with them. I also drove Buicks as my company cars. I just developed an attraction for them, and that’s what I collect.”

The Buick bug also runs in the Bury family. His brother has a 1984 Riviera, while his son showed a 1963 Riviera at the Concours this year.

For the cruise on the day before the Concours, Bury drove a 1948 Pontiac Silver Streak convertible with 58,000 actual miles. He acquired the burgundy-and-tan Pontiac a year-and-a-half ago from an owner who drove it in her wedding back in 1950. The car was used recently at the James J. Hill Days parade in Wayzata, Minnesota to carry the Hill character. The Pontiac was on display at the Concours, along with one of Bury’s 1940 Buick Limited convertibles.

When it comes to collecting cars, Bury states he only acquires original cars with low miles. “That is the only way to show historically you can carry things on and show future generations how things used to be,” said Bury.

The 10,000 Lakes Concours d’Elegance is an event worth attending every year. It always scheduled on the first Sunday of June. The location is ideal – right on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. You also get to see about 100 cars and boats dating back to the first decade of the 1900s. Not only are the cars worth seeing, their owners and caretakers are always willing to talk to you about their vehicles. It is owners, such as Bury, that take pride in the cars they bring this event.

If you are looking to own a classic car, or start your own collection, where would you find your first one?

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