Friday Face-Off - July 18, 2014

Friday Face-Off - July 18, 2014
![Which One Would You Go Deep into the Woods In? ]( One Would You Go Deep into the Woods In? went deep in the woods for this Friday Face-Off.

Subaru’s Outback may not have been the first four-wheel drive wagon with a high ground clearance. It has sold the most and is held in high regard amongst adventurers and people with active lifestyles. The Boxer engine and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive takes a mere Legacy wagon and turns it into a trailhead marker, boat launcher or an emergency shelter from the rain. The starting price for an Outback is $25,745 for a four-cylinder 2.5i.

Audi brought back the Allroad recently as an A4 Avant wagon. It is smaller than the Outback, which gives the Audi an advantage in getting through tighter spaces. The Quattro all-wheel drive system keeps the A4 going as its turbocharged four-cylinder does its business. However, the Allroad os all about luxury and style with the goodies you expect from an Audi. An Allroad Premium model starts at $40,700.

Rugged and functional, or stylish and nimble? Which all-terrain wagon would you take deep into the woods?

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