2015 Honda Fit Review

2015 Honda Fit Review
![The Fit is Still "Go"](http://buyersguide.carsoup.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/2015-Honda-Fit-Front.jpg)The Fit is Still “Go”
This [Fit](http://www.carsoup.com/research-vehicles/Honda/Fit/) has grown up.

Since 2006, Honda sold their subcompact by showing how fun it is to drive. It was a fun little car that sold quite well. Some have even put the Fit above everyone else as the best in its class.

With the new Fit in showrooms now, is it still a “go?”

There are familiar shapes and dimensions that still say “Fit.” The short hood, along with the tall roof and huge windows, are telltale signs of previous models it came from. Though it is familiar, there is a lot that is different. The “grille” is replaced with Honda’s new “shield” – a big black plastic molding that will be the latest design feature on future models. The rear end has a Volvo-esque tail light setup, with the upper lights framing the roof quarters.

For current Fit owners, you will definitely see a lot of similarities to the 2015 model with your current car. Honda made it clear that familiarity will be the key for repeat buyers to enjoy their new one. Though, you might say that the Fit has gotten serious – perhaps in a good way.

All things crazy and cool from previous models have been reigned in. A mature design now adorns the dashboard giving the Fit a more business-like atmosphere. The instrumentation is now straightforward with huge dials and displays for the driver to read. Controls are quite good on the steering wheel and stalks.


Part of the Fit’s maturity is offering a leather package for the first time. The new EX-L model offers a level of luxury now seen in subcompacts. The Fit’s seats were big, offered plenty of bolstering, but a bit more lumbar support than usual. There are manual adjustments for height and recline, along with steering wheel adjustments to accommodate every kind of driver. Rear seat room is good – perhaps best in class. Just like Fits in the past, you could also fold these seats down or up-and-away for more cargo options behind the front seats. Also, the Fit has a generous rear cargo hold with the rear seats down.

Honda decided to go with a single touch screen for their infotainment system in the Fit. This model included navigation with voice command. With the navigation system upgrade, you also get SiriusXM satellite radio, HD Radio, USB connection with iPod/iPhone integration, Bluetooth connectivity and an HDMI cable connection. Sound is emitted through six speakers throughout the cabin.

The standard 1.5liter four-cylinder engine has undergone some changes in the new Fit. Power is up at 130 horsepower while applying the new Earth Dreams badge on top of the engine. A continuously variable transmission is connected to this engine with the added bonus of paddle shifters to induce better performance when needed. This is the first time the CVT is offered in the Fit in this country. It is not a bad set-up, though a bit noisy at acceleration. It does quiet down and run smoothly once under way in the city and out on the highway.

Though it is one tough little car, the Fit is light – weighing in at 2,642 pounds. It is susceptible to some wind, but the new Fit is actually quiet inside. Though it is a sturdy ride, you could feel it in the way it rides. It is quite firm. In the corners, you do get some lean and roll.

From the wheel, the Fit has a tight on-center feel. Its 99-inch wheelbase makes for a wider turning radius than usual, but steering feel is very good at every turn. Brakes are very good with solid stopping in both normal and panic situations.

In terms of fuel economy, CarSoup.com averaged 35.1MPG in this new Fit. However, a 75-mile countryside run revealed a 43.7MPG average.


A Fit LX with a manual gearbox starts off at $16,315. Our EX-L tester with the navigation package came with a sticker price of $21,590 – the maximum one could spend on a 2015 Fit.

Serious, mature and efficient are three words that would describe the new 2015 Honda Fit. It still exemplifies some of the traits we got to know over the past several years from this subcompact – including large interior volume.

In this segment, any progress is seen as maturity to consumers. Yet, Honda still believes it will attract even those who still think the Fit as a fun little car. If that is the case, the Fit is still a “go.”

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