Friday Face-Off: August 8, 2014

![Two Pre-Owned and Affordable Summertime Roadsters]( Pre-Owned and Affordable Summertime Roadsters
These are not new roadsters. Yet, they have their own kind of fun. What kind of fun do they have? Here is [](‘s latest Friday Face-Off:

The Saturn Sky was sold between 2006 and 2009, a victim of General Motors’ Bankruptcy. Though shared with the Pontiac Solstice, the Sky had its own design and details giving Saturn its own two-seat roadster as an image car. You could choose one with a 2.4liter four or a turbocharged 2.0liter Red Line model. You could also choose between a manual and an automatic, as well. It showed that, yes, GM can build a roadster – it was even sold in Europe and South Korea under their respective local badges.

BMW introduced its Z3 in 1995 as the first attainable roadster in its lineup in decades. It is also a movie star, as James Bond’s ride in GoldenEye. The Z3 offered a choice of engines, including an M version during its lifetime. It even sp0awned a hatchback coupe. The main attraction is its retro styling – a look back at the 1950s with obvious modern BMW touches. The Z3 was last sold in 2002 with every unit built in BMW’s plant in South Carolina.

Would you follow the Sky or play Bond in the Z3? Which pre-owned roadster would you take out on the road this summer?

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