Sexy Sport Coupe Showcase

Sexy Sport Coupe Showcase

“What’s up with Dad?”

Your kids will be wondering. There’s a spring in your step, you started jogging again, the jokes keep flowing and are actually getting funny. You’re happier than you have been in years. Sure you just bought a new sports car, but it’s not the car in and of itself that has given you this lift. It is knowing that you’ve arrived. That your life is here and now and you are living it to the fullest. Not to mention that thanks to the most adorable sport cars to hit the road in years, you also feel good about the fact that you didn’t break the bank to get here. No crisis in your midlife moment of pure joy. Check out these sexy sports coupes and then double take the sticker price. That’s right – they are all under $55,000.

To find out which one fits your style, you can search and look through the 2-door coupes and convertibles for these lightweight sporting beauties. You could also search by specific make and model to look at what is for sale right where you live.

Alfa Romeo 4C: The iconic Italian brand is back after two decades away. To reintroduce us to this great marquee, the combined forces of Fiat and Chrysler have something really special for you. Think of a mid-engine, two seat coupe with a beautiful shape. Add a turbocharger to its four-cylinder engine, a twin-clutch transmission, manual steering and incredible handling, and you have the astounding 4C. If you can get to one of the 82 stores selling these babies, a test drive is a must. It is one for the experience.

Audi TT: This may surprise you, but the TT is in this group for one reason – price. There is more: a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, Quattro all-wheel drive and a choice of coupe or roadster. If the regular TT does not cut it, the TTS will. The difference is 54 horsepower and some hardcore Audi Sport equipment. Still, the TT offers fans of the four-interlocking-ring badge something unadulterated and unfiltered. In other words, this may be the most fun you can have in an Audi.

BMW Z4: You can get one of the most technical and exciting roadsters for under $55,000. There is only one that actually fits the bill – the Z4 sDrive28i with its 2.0liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. In other BMWs, this is a solid driveline that delivers good fuel economy. In the Z4, it may be all the roadster you would need. It is light, but equipped with all of the active safety found on every BMW. Yet, it is roomy, comfortable – just like every other BMW. In other words, the Z4 will put a smile on your serious-looking face.

Hyundai Veloster: It might a bit different, but it is one of the big surprises out there. Available either with or without a turbocharger, the Veloster has three doors and a hatchback for incredible access to the cabin and its cargo hold. However, the point of the Veloster these days is not about getting groceries. It is about absolute fun. How much fun could one have when given the keys to run one through the countryside? A lot – in the Veloster.

Mazda MX-5 Miata: This marks not only its 25th anniversary, but the Miata’s last run in its current shape. It has been a great run, giving its faithful an affordable roadster that brought back fun to driving. The design is a classic, but the driveline is all modern. Just like the original, the Miata has optimal road handling and a driving experience that is unparalleled in today’s world. The manual gearbox offers a classic short throw shifter enthusiasts want. You could also get one with a folding metal roof, but Miata devotees would rather have you get one with the soft top. It is perhaps the definition of fun on wheels.

Mercedes-Benz SLK: This is an insane idea, but you can get a SLK 250 for under $55,000 with a few options. Then again, the SLK is a concentrated roadster for anyone looking for something to get out of town in. Under the hood is a turbocharged 1.8liter four-cylinder engine with enough power to make any drive quite fun. Mercedes folks have not forgotten about the SLK – it is one of the best values available with the big three-pointed star up front.

Scion FR-S: It has been quite a long time since we have seen the likes of this – a real, true and affordable front-engine/rear-drive sports car. Underneath the hood is a horizontally-opposed four-cylinder engine, a choice of a manual or automatic transmission, a driver-focused cabin and amazing handling that turns a drive to an adventure. The FR-S evokes the greats from the past – the Jaguar XKE, Datsun 240Z, Toyota 2000GT…and so forth. That is credibility a car does not get immediately. In the FR-S – this was earned.

Subaru BRZ: It is the same as the Scion, but with some distinctions, such as equipment level, audio system choices and a few trim pieces. You also get the backing of Subaru dealers who know enthusiasts quite well. Some have said that the BRZ is nicer than the FR-S, though you will find it embodies the same driving dynamics and driver focused behavior as its twin. There is nothing wrong with going with the Subaru badge over the other.

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