Friday Face-Off: August 15, 2014

Friday Face-Off: August 15, 2014

Two Japanese Luxury Folding Roof Summer RidesConvertibles are fun! knows exactly what you need. So, here are two drop tops from Japan that are worth looking at!

The Infiniti Q60 has a Nissan Z chassis underneath, but stretched to accommodate a back seat. It is actually one of those convertibles with a folding metal roof that resides in the trunk. The 3.7liter V6 resides under the hood with 325 horsepower. There is a sportier version with a manual gearbox available, with an even more powerful 343 horsepower IPL model on tap. This one is guaranteed to stand out in a crowd.

You could also stand out in a Lexus IS convertible. Also, with a folding metal roof, the IS C has a rear seat and all of the necessities of any given Lexus. There are two engines available – the 2.5liter and 3.5liter V6. The latter has 306 horsepower and both models are also available in the F Sport package. Just like the Infiniti, you could choose an open roof experience with the wind in your hair, or draw the roof closed for a hushed luxurious ride.

The Z-inspired Infiniti or the F-Sport Lexus – which metal-roof convertible would you take a summer’s drive in?

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