Small and Mighty Subcompact Lineup

Small and Mighty Subcompact Lineup
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Before we take a look at how far and fabulous the subcompact category has come, it’s worth taking a look back. Way back. Back to the 1970’s when this new category of compacts was first introduced to the market. If you’re not cringing yet, you just might when you read the words Gremlin, Vega and Pinto in colors like Grabber Green and Glowing Gold. Reviews for these gems included comments from *Time Magazine* who recently rated the Gremlin among the top worst cars in history, calling it such as “Cheap and incredibly deprived.”

Today’s subcompacts offer good gas mileage – up and beyond 40MPG – and affordable pricing with popularly equipped models going for around $17,000-18,000.

If you are interested in looking at today’s subcompacts, go to and search for both two-door coupes and four-door sedans, or you can search by their make and model, to find these small and mighty cars ready for you to take home.

Chevrolet Sonic: When you actually drive the Sonic, you will be surprised how poised it really is. Available in both a sedan and a hatchback, the Sonic offers two engines and plenty of trim options up to the hot RS model. Sonics are doing quite well, thanks to a high quality build, good content and the added bonus of OnStar.

Fiat 500: There is a lot of charm about this Italian runabout. In fact, it offers the only convertible in the class – the 500C. There is a choice of engines – including two turbocharged versions of the 1.4liter four-cylinder. One of them just happen to be called Abarth – a astounding little number with incredible dynamics and an exhaust note that beckons you to drive. There is a lot to love about the 500 – at any speed.

Ford Fiesta: Refined and well executed are best adjectives to describe this subcompact. It sports Ford’s Kinetic design inside and out and is available in either a sedan or a hatchback. For more performance, the Fiesta ST will make you an autocross star. The regular Fiestas are just as fine, now available with the 1.0liter Ecoboost three-cylinder engine. You will find the Fiesta a very good driver.

Honda Fit: A new model has just arrived in showrooms with a lot of refinement. Some might say that this has matured and is very serious about its business. With a 1.5liter engine under the hood, there is more power and a new transmission to boot. You still get one of the most versatile rear seats around with good cargo volume. For 2015, the Fit is still “Go.”

Hyundai Accent: With a 28-year lineage, the current Accent comes in either a four-door sedan or a hatchback. Both offer plenty of space, good power from its 1.6liter engine and a choice of trims that match your personality. If you want solid transportation that is efficient, spacious and comfortable, the Accent is a good choice to make.

Kia Rio: This is one of the best cars in its class. It is well built, offer three trims that have distinct personalities, and drives exceptionally well. Not only does the 1.6liter engine have strong power, it turns very good fuel economy figures. The Rio also offers great dynamics and a balanced ride for those moments when you need it. Let us not forget how comfortable it is, as well!

Mazda2: This is the only car in its class with “Zoom-Zoom” standard. This five-door hatchback offers a lot for the money, with all of the goodies you would expect from Mazda. The seats are comfortable and it is a light weight runner for the city and beyond. However, a new version is coming for 2016. If you cannot wait, the current 2 is exceptionally fun to drive.

Nissan Versa/Note: You have a choice of a four-door sedan or the five-door hatchback, called the Versa Note. They offer similar equipment, along with the best rear seat room in its class. Pick the Versa sedan and you get a very generous trunk. Both have the same 1.6liter engine, which offer good fuel economy figures for either model. Which Versa would you choose?

Scion xD: If there is one car that needs to be looked at – it is this one. This four-door hatchback is comfortable, versatile and motivated. A 1.8liter four powers this highly equipped car. Being a Scion, you could get cool accessories to add on to your xD, along with special editions that come with stuff you normally get from a customizer. Cool enough for you?

Toyota Yaris: Once the global leader in this class, this hatchback offers a straightforward solution to today’s car. It is steady, sturdy and strong subcompact – powered by a 1.5liter engine and a choice of transmissions. It is the only offering a choice of both a two- and four-door hatchback. Not to mention, it has good value for the money.

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