Friday Face-Off: August 22, 2014

![Let's Go Racing to The Beach! ](’s Go Racing to The Beach!
These are two high-performance roadsters with awe-inspiring badges. They beckon to be driven hard. But, which one would you take to the limit? has these two on the grid:

The Boxster is the lightest car built by Porsche – a true paean to some of its earliest machines. The boxer six-cylinder engine is placed between the two occupants and the rear axle for optimal balance and handling. There are three flavors to choose from – including the new 330 horsepower GTS model. All models have the choice of a manual or the brilliant PDK gearbox. If the GTS is a bit much, you cannot go wrong with either the basic Boxster or the S model. In other words, the Porsche Boxster is pure fun.

However, Jaguar would rather you enjoy something that take you back its own history. The F-Type offers not only a roadster experience with two seats and three levels of performance. You could also get this in a coupe. Since this is about roadsters, consider that power starts from a 340 horsepower supercharged V6 and top out with a supercharged V8 with 495 horsepower. These engines only come with an 8-speed “quick-shift” automatic. The F-Type has been the most talked about Jaguar in years – and for good reason! They are absolutely incredible.

A light Porsche roadster or an incredible F-Type, which one would make this the best summer ever?

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