Van-Tastic - A Look at Full-Sized and Commercial Vans

Van-Tastic - A Look at Full-Sized and Commercial Vans
If you are a fleet manager, small business owner or a non-profit organization, you will think the same way.

The full-sized van business is changing. In fact, it is enjoying a renaissance thanks to an infusion of new ideas never before offered in this country. There are now models with high roofs, where you could easily work standing up in a van. Passenger vans offering better seating arrangements for many purposes. Engines are now more efficient, helping to ease the strain of operational costs with better fuel management.

These work ready vans can be searched on by clicking through our Full-Sized Vans and Commercial vehicle categories. You could also search by make and model to find the right one for the job. If you are looking to add to your fleet or just starting out, there are plenty of choices for you to look at.

Chevrolet Express/GMC Savanna: This is the last of the traditional American vans available in the market. Yet, these vans work hard and show it in both cargo and passenger configurations. They also represent “traditional” operating costs and maintenance, since components are readily available and common to the van. Aside from the cargo version, there is a passenger model seating up to 15 people. There is a choice of two V8s and the Duramax V8 diesel for optimal fuel efficiency. No matter if you get the Chevrolet or the GMC, they both offer the same level of equipment and work readiness.

Ford Transit: For the past 50 years, the Econoline/E-Series served us well. For over 30 years, it has outsold every full-sized van in this country. Yet, it was time for a change. Ford decided to combine all of its van products into one global offering – the 2015 Transit. The name is a familiar one outside of the U.S.A., as it, too, was the best selling van of its kind worldwide throughout its lifespan of 50 years. The Transit can be had in 58 different configurations with three engines – including an EcoBoost V6 and a diesel – available. High roof models make work a breeze, while giving passenger van operators a versatile interior for its clients. The best part about this Transit – it is built in Kansas City, picking up where the E-Series left off.

Nissan NV: Developed in America, this van combines the best of all worlds. The extended nose eases access for maintenance and engine repair, while a choice of lengths and roof heights also aid productivity. This is also the only van available with a choice of gas V6 and V8 engines – both designed for hauling and work readiness with three weight levels. The Nissan is also available in a passenger model with seating for 12 people, which they claim to have 324 possible seat configurations. No longer the new kid on the block, but it might be one to consider for your business.

Ram ProMaster: New for 2014, the Fiat-developed van has helped Ram reopen markets it once had. The Dodge van was the mainstay of many fleets and businesses for years. Their former owners asked Ram whether there will be a new van. The ProMaster offers a choice of lengths, roof heights and two engines – including a diesel. However, you would be surprised to know that it has front-wheel drive. The structure is strong with a wider floor for better loading and upfit options. Rear suspensions have been designed to manage loads better – again a huge surprise for those doubting that a front-drive van would do the job. A drive in the job-ready ProMaster should convince you of how this van will work with you.

Sprinter: This was the first Euro-style van to be sold in this country. This year, you can get the Sprinter as a Freightliner or a Mercedes-Benz. Both brands offer Sprinters as cargo and passenger models with two diesel engines – a four-cylinder and a V6 – on all models. You could configure your Sprinter based on wheelbase, body length, roof height, passenger volume, and payload level. They also offer a suite of active safety features to keep the van on the road, just like regular Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs. The point of these vans is to be work ready and to manage uptime when the job needs to be done. Do not let the badges fool you – these are considered the best vans on the market with competitive pricing against other brands.

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