Forecast: New-car sales to rise

Forecast: New-car sales to rise
[![NADA predicts next year to be a big one for new-vehicle sales.](]( predicts next year to be a big one for new-vehicle sales.
Next year promises to be a big year for auto sales, predicts the National Automobile Dealers Association. In a recent announcement, NADA forecasts 16.94 million new cars and light trucks will be purchased or leased in the United States in 2015.

“Rising employment and wages, continued low interest rates and lower gasoline prices all signal an increase in new light-vehicle sales in 2015,” NADA Chief Economist Steven Szakaly said last week at a press briefing ahead of the NADA / J.D. Power Western Automotive Conference in Los Angeles.

“The economy will continue to build on the solid growth established in 2014, and we also expect the fundamental conditions to improve in the year ahead,” he added. “Gross domestic product will grow at 3.1 percent in 2015, with the potential for growth to exceed our forecast.”

Szakaly added that new-car sales rising above 17 million units in 2015 would require a ramp up in incentives and an increase in new-car purchases by millennial shoppers above what has occurred over the past two years.

You can read NADA’s full report here.

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