GPS navigation choices abound

GPS navigation choices abound
[![You will find plenty of GPS choices out there.](]( will find plenty of GPS choices out there.
Technology continues to accelerate, and global positioning system (GPS) based navigators are no exception.

The good news, these days, is that choices abound, including after-market portable systems and apps for smart phones. Of course new cars have built-in systems that, in many cases, are integrated into the car.

The other good news, as Consumer Reports says, is that, in today’s competitive market, GPS prices have come down to the point where even budget units include features previously available only on more expensive models, such as the ability to speak street names, issue speed warnings and provide high-end graphics.

When shopping for a GPS navigator, consider several items. Consumer Reports advises:
–Keeping in mind the type of driving you do
–Reviewing where and how often you will use the system
–Deciding on any extra features you would you use
–Checking local laws
–Deciding on built-in battery convenience
–Evaluating what size would be best for your use

Read more from Consumer Reports here, and also review a set of GPS navigator rankings here.

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