Road construction, er...road trip season!

Road construction, er...road trip season!
[![Gear up for road-trip season!](]( up for road-trip season!
After a long winter, it is time to gear up for spring and summer; better known as road-trip season, right? Several sources offer tips for a little springtime tender loving car care. Read on for a list of recommendations.

Keep your car on schedule. The Car Care Council reminds you that every vehicle has a manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule. Whether you choose to do your own maintenance or patronize a local repair shop, following a routine service schedule is essential to keeping your car in safe and dependable working order.

Plan to keep things cool. Spring and summer temps can heat up, so the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) recommends flushing and refill the cooling system (radiator) according to the service manual’s recommendations. The level, condition and concentration of the coolant should be checked periodically.

Change oil, filter, other filters. Change the oil and oil filter as specified in your owner’s manual (properly dispose of used oil). Also, replace other filters (air, fuel, PCV, etc.) as recommended.

Check the tires. It is crucial to check your tires after significant weather changes, says, and at least once monthly. Tire pressure changes one PSI (pounds per square inch) for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit change in temperature.

Check the brakes. The same advice pertains to your brakes, too.

Clean! Finally, several sources strongly recommend a good, thorough cleaning, to get rid of winter road salt build-up and other general gunk that has attached itself to your car’s exterior.

Now that you’re set, enjoy that spring or summer road trip!

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