Discover Your Own Classic Barn Find

Discover Your Own Classic Barn Find
[![Antique Mercer automobile](]( gems are out there! Find your own classic car.
It’s not often that you find an incredibly rare 1912 Mercer tucked away in a barn, but that’s just what happened to Alec Ulmann. He discovered this [Mercer Raceabout]( in untouched condition back in 1941 in a barn in Brightwaters, NJ. The Mercer Raceabout was a highly soughtafter automobile in its day. Designed to be “safely and consistently” driven at speeds in excess of 70 mph, the Raceabout scored hundreds of racing victories.

Even in the early 1940s, examples of early automobiles were extremely rare, and collectors were desperate to snatch up models like the Stutz Bearcat or the Mercer Raceabout. Ulmann—an avid collector—knew he had discovered a truly rare gem, and added this Raceabout to his collection. Ulmann enlisted Charlie Stich, proprioter of a New York City repair garage, to bring the cart back to life. The Mercer has been through a handful of owners since Ulmann found it, but you can see it at such presitgious shows as the Pebble Beach Concours.

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*Photo courtesy of The Revs Institute Research Library.

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