Congrats to Casey and His Scary Car Story!

Congrats to Casey and His Scary Car Story!
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Congratulations to Casey – he’s the winner of the Scary Car Story Contest and will get to see the MN Wild play the Tampa Bay Lightning on Nov. 7. Here’s Casey’s story:

I once had to drive this car from Burnsville to South St. Paul. This may not sound terrible, but let me tell you a little bit about the car. This was used by Circuit City back in the day as a shop car for their car audio department. The rear seats were completely removed and replaced with sub-woofers, amplifiers, and speakers in a fiberglass enclosure. The entire trunk had the same treatment. The suspension was replaced with terrible coilovers, as you can see, that were set very low. Add to that the low profile tires and you had a car with hardly any suspension. There were no headrests on the front seats, and it was a 5-speed manual transmission. Scariest car I’ve ever driven or ridden in!

Enjoy your tickets to see the Wild dominate Tampa Bay, share your good luck with all your social media friends, and Go Wild!


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