Great Gifts For The Car Enthusiast

Great Gifts For The Car Enthusiast
[![Tores wrapped up in a gift bow](]( a car nut on your shopping list?’s got you covered.
Do you have a certified, grade-A car nut on your gift list? Well, you’re in luck because we have a bunch of them on our list and we’ve been searching high and low for gifts that say Merry Crankshaft and a Happy VROOOOM Year. From simple and fun to totally outrageous–here are some of our favorites. Read on and enjoy!

Recaro Sport Office Chair — The first RECARO sports seat was introduced in 1965 and in motor racing circles RECARO quickly became the go-to seat designer. You’ll find their seats in some of the finest production cars on the planet, including Porsche, BMW, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, Audi and Lamborghini. The car enthusiast on your gift list can enjoy that same, highly engineered, fits-like-a-glove, ergonomic bliss while they’re sitting at their desk in a Recaro Sport Office Chair. You can even request yours with harness slots and seat belt guides–good for those out of control days at the office.

Piloti Driving Shoes — For some folks it ain’t driving unless you’re shifting gears while dancing on the clutch and gas as you dive into corners and accelerate down the straightaways. If you want to be a real freeway Fred Astaire you need the right footwork. That’s where the Piloti Prototipo driving shoe comes in. The thick sole and curved heel are designed for easy match-speed shift and heel-and-toe action and the lateral side of the right shoe is reinforced. Plus they’re pretty cool looking when you’re just standing still.

2016 Indy 500 Roadtrip Package — 2016 will be the 100th anniversary of this iconic racing event. It’s a definite “bucket list” item for any Indy car fan, and the folks at ROADTRIPS have customizable packages available that include your choice of seating, VIP perks, first class accommodations and even a police escort to the track on race day. Give someone special the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing”–truly an unforgettable gift.

Accutire Digital Tire Pressure Gauge — Let’s face it. The old school pencil tire pressure gauge is kind of a pain. Time for a digital upgrade and a gift they’ll never tire of. The Accutire digital gauge has a large, easy-to-read display that delivers pressure readings from 5 to 150 PSI in 0.5 lb. increments. Accutire’s rugged, ergonomic design features an angled head, rubber coated grip and it’s equipped with an automatic shut off feature to prevent deflation. Makes a swell stocking stuffer!

RES-Q-HAMMER — Even with all the amazing safety features packed into cars today, some emergencies are all about getting out… fast. The RESQHAMMER definitely falls into the “better to have it and not need than to need it and not have it” category. RESQHAMMER’s primary uses are for breaking glass and cutting through seat belts. Auto glass and seat belts are extremely tough and in some accident scenarios they may not work properly. In those situations a tool like the RESQHAMMER can be invaluable. Purely practical and potentially lifesaving, not to mention very easy to wrap, everyone who drives should have one handy.

’32 Ford Flat Head Piston Lamp — That’s right, it’s a lamp made of an actual Ford Flathead piston and a real, stainless steel 1932 Ford hub cap base. Lifelong auto enthusiast and artist David Stevens of Flying Circle H Metals makes a variety of piston-style lamps, each one completely unique. Specific lamps can be designed per request. Perfect for classic car buffs and under-the-hood wrench heads.

Star Wars Accordion Sunshade — Your Mazda or Mercedes might not be as fast as the Millennium Falcon but you can keep it cool with this awesome Star Wars sun shade. It’s a picture of Luke, Chewie, Han and Obi-Wan taken through a windshield that fits in your windshield — a concept that practically rips a hole in the space-time continuum. It’s a fun gift for any Star Wars fan and it clearly reflects your excellent taste. Dealer Gift Cards — For everything from parts and service to logo and brand gear, a gift card from your friendly, local dealer is a guaranteed sure fit. It’ll make that next full-synthetic oil change go down nice and smooth, the new rubber smell from those radial tires extra satisfying and that new muffler even more warm and fuzzy. Check out our dealers and find gift cards here.

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