Meet This Month's Souper Dealers!

Meet This Month's Souper Dealers!
[![CarSoup recognizes these dealerships that are doing great work.](]( recognizes these dealerships that are doing great work.
We’re lucky to work with so many outstanding dealerships and each month we recognize stores that are doing great work and new, exciting things in the digital arena. So, here they are, faster than a speeding Maserati and able to leap tall sales goals in a single bound… this month’s Souper Dealers!

Congratulations to Matt Saxe Chevrolet Buick in Belle Plaine, MN. Matt and his team take a small-town, friendly, personal approach to doing business and they excel at making happy customers. When it comes to their digital presence, they’re on the cutting edge. Account Manager Tara Flanagan says, “Matt Saxe Chevrolet Buick is fully engaged and receptive to new opportunities to advance their digital presence. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority and key to their success.”

A Souper Dealer high five goes out to Poquet Auto Sales in Golden Valley. A leader in the used luxury vehicle niche since 1987, Poquet Auto has enjoyed success by creating a great experience for their customers – one that extends to their online presence. Account Manager Jesse Hennig reports, “Poquet is always open to recommendations for new ways to sharpen and focus their digital strategy. They’re a great partner!”

Congrats go out to Cox Motor Sales in New Richmond, WI. Cox is the go-to Ford store in this region of the Cheesehead state and they’re doing great work in the digital realm. According to Partnership Development Manager, David Swanson, “Under the leadership of Dealer Principal Jim Frampton, GSM Tony Henton and Marketing & Internet Sales Manager Samantha Olson, Cox Motor Sales takes a very progressive approach to digital marketing. They use a variety of tools and techniques to achieve great results. is proud to partner with this excellent dealership.

We’re pleased to recognize Smart Motors in Madison, WI. The Smart family has been a part of the automotive landscape for over a century and they’re crushing Toyota sales in central Wisconsin. A very successful online presence is a key part of Smart’s overall strategy. Partnership Development Manager, David Swanson says, “When it comes expanding and growing their digital footprint, Smart Motors is progressive and totally committed. We’re happy to have the opportunity to work with this excellent dealership.”

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