The Survey Says...

The Survey Says...
[!['s recent survey sheds light on car-shopping trends.](](’s recent survey sheds light on car-shopping trends.
Our overarching goal is to become a more valuable partner and effective resource by cultivating a high-quality audience and finding innovative new ways for dealers to leverage Our research team is constantly analyzing and evaluating our performance and we’ve recently conducted a survey of users who bought vehicles.

As your dealership makes a final push to finish 2015 on a high note we invite you to partner with to help dial in your audience and elevate your dealership and inventory to top-of-mind status with year-end buyers. Here are some key findings from recent and current surveys and other independent data along with ideas for leveraging them.

FINDING: 85% of shoppers who recently completed a purchase transaction say that help choosing a vehicle type is a primary concern. Choosing a make and model are the next most important considerations.
LEVERAGE THIS FINDING: Associate your dealership and inventory with vehicle types. Balance the nameplate(s) you feature by identifying your dealership as a leader and authority on particular vehicle types. Use ad units, loaders, etc., to blend this message with your offers. Positioning your offers in ad units that are in searches specific to body types (i.e. SUV search — $xxx.xx /month, $0 down, on the hybrid Saturn View) or identifying with the vehicle type (i.e. minivan search – Pontiac of Minneapolis – Mom’s Minivan Masters) can help connect you to buyers seeking first to determine what type of vehicle is best for them.

FINDING: 70% of shoppers have college or advanced degrees.
LEVERAGE THIS FINDING: This group has a big appetite for relevant content.  They expect to have ready access to reviews, vehicle and dealer ratings and other research tools, and they’re big consumers of this type of content.  We make these tools easy to find and readily available on, and we suggest you follow suit on your dealership site. Ask your Account Representatives how we can help you with increased reviews and social sharing to improve your rankings and volume of content available.

FINDING: 90% of Minnesotans are familiar with the brand and half of them are using, have used or intend to use to shop for a vehicle.
LEVERAGE THIS FINDING: As we continue to compile numbers for all markets we know that in the Land of 10,000 Lakes a huge percentage of people know, trust and use to facilitate new and used vehicle purchases. To top it off, 81% of those consumers rate as a good to excellent way to efficiently refine searches and shop specific vehicle features for both new and used. It’s pretty easy to do the math on this one – if you want to be where the shoppers are (and we know you do) is the place.

Get in touch with your account representative. Let’s put a plan together to help you leverage out strengths and maximize your digital spend.

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