Who Says Time Travel Isn’t Possible?

Who Says Time Travel Isn’t Possible?

The New 2017 DeLorean DMC-12

It’s back, baby! The DeLorean DMC-12 is back in all its resplendent stainless steel, gull-winged, time-travelin’, Marty McFlyin’ glory.

Thanks to an obscure law called the “Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act,” it’s now legal for the little Texas-based company that bought all of the leftover inventory of DeLorean parts to start putting them together and build new DMC-12s. Way back in 1997, the DeLorean Motor Company of Texas bought all the NOS stuff from the original Ireland-based DeLorean Motor Company, and they’ve been quietly refurbishing existing cars since then, waiting for the time that the law would change and allow them to resurrect John DeLorean’s dream.

For the most part, these new cars — all 300 of them — will be virtually identical to the originals, including a bunch of 1980s styling that you either loved or hated. (Sorry, the Flux Capacitor and the Mr. Fusion fueling system won’t be offered.) The one thing that is changing is the powerplant. Gone is the dismal little 2.8-liter Peugeot-Renault-Volvo V6, an anemic engine that only put out a mere 130 horses. What’s going to replace it has yet to be seen.

Based on company statements (and they’re saying very little), we’re expecting to see some form of normally-aspirated V6 that’ll pump out 300-400 HP. Whether it’s American or foreign remains open for debate.

So is it a replica or the real thing? It’s kinda hard to say. Because the DeLorean Motor Company of Texas bought all the old inventory and the rights to the name, technically it’s an honest-to-Doc Brown DMC-12. Then again, the new engine and other mechanicals prove otherwise.

Whatever you call it, you’ll need a time-traveling stunt like Biff’s to come up with the cold cash for this baby: they’re expected to go for around $100,000. Still, if you can afford it, what a way to relive one of the good parts of the ‘80s!

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