5 Pre-owned Convertibles To Keep An Eye On

5 Pre-owned Convertibles To Keep An Eye On

These cool summer-fun cars are worth keeping an eye on.

Sure, it’s winter, but what better time to dream about the sun on your face and the wind in your hair? If you’ve got the itch for a ragtop or retractable hardtop there’s no better time to buy than during the off season. We went right to the source, CarSoup.com, to take a look at convertibles for sale and boy, there’re some sweet cars and awesome deals out there. You’ll be surprised what you can bring home for under 20K. As of this story’s publication date, all the following vehicles were available on CarSoup.com.

Mazda MX-5 Miata Touring – It’s not super powerful at 167 hp with a manual transmission but the driving dynamics are impressive and the handling is athletic and responsive. It’s a great looking car that’s a total blast to drive.

Ford Mustang – Iconic and affordable is a great combination indeed. Mustang has controlled, agile handling through corners, especially in models with the available track pack and if you upgrade from the already adequate 6 cylinder to the V8 or the Supercharged 8 you’ll get the kind of glued-to-your-seat acceleration that’ll put a permanent smile on your face.

Chrysler 200 Limited – Here’s a convertible hard top with style and a touch of class. It’s a nimble handler that’s nicely appointed inside with a larger than average amount of trunk space; there’s even room for a few grocery bags when the top’s down. The back seat is small but that’s common among the class.

Toyota Camry Solara SLE V6 – It’s smooth bordering on luxurious. It’s a great road car with beautiful lines and a brilliantly executed interior. It may not be as sporty a handler as other convertibles but if it’s a top-down road trip you’re after the Solara will not disappoint.

Ford Thunderbird – Ford did a great job with this throwback T-bird. There aren’t many on the road so you’ll feel special when you’re driving it. Owners and drivers love the T-Bird’s look, feel and performance.

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