Top 10 Glove Box Gadgets

Top 10 Glove Box Gadgets
[![Mini LED Flashlight is perfect for the glove box](]( tools like this mini LED flashlight can be the difference between a worry-free drive and a hassle-filled trip.
Take a look in your glove box. If all you find is a handful of napkins and a few fast food catsup packs it might be time to raise the bar a little. Here are a few items you’ll be glad you have on hand.
  1. **ICE — **AAA recommends keeping an ICE (In Case of Emergency) card, filled out with your emergency contacts and any pertinent medical information like, medications, allergies, and blood type.
  2. **Registration — **The best place for your registration is in your glove box. Some people like to keep their registration in their wallet or purse but there’s no guarantee you’ll have either with you when you need it. The glove box is a better bet
  3. **Insurance Card — **In a digital world you probably can access your insurance info electronically but when you really need it scrambling through your phone contacts isn’t what you’ll want to be doing. Keep a paper copy in the glove box.
  4. **Pen & Paper — **It seems like the simple stuff is always hard to find in an emergency. A pen and notepad take up hardly any space and you should always keep both handy.
  5. **Mini LED Flashlight — **Super bright and super small, a little flashlight such as one from Maglite can make the difference between staying safe during a roadside breakdown and not being seen by a passing car.
  6. **Multi Tool — **These handy little devices can be real lifesavers. Outfitted with everything from a knife blade to various screwdrivers to a pliers, multi tools such as those from Leatherman can help bail you out of many a tight situation.
  7. **Tire Pressure Gauge — **Don’t trust yourself to “eyeball” your tire pressure because you’ll most likely be wrong. Invest a few bucks in a decent pressure gauge and use it to check all 4 tires regularly. Better yet, get a “talking” digital type that’ll verbally tell you the tire pressure—perfect in dark situations.
  8. **Extra Fuses — **You never know when a fuse will go bad and it’s often something you can replace yourself. Check your owner’s manual for the type and size fuses your vehicle uses and have spares on hand.
  9. **Wheel Lock Key — **If your tires are equipped with wheel locks, you won’t be able to change a flat without the wheel-lock key. Keep it in the glove box so you’ll always know where it is.
  10. **Hand Sanitizer — **You never know when you’ll need a quick clean-up. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer handy for when things get sticky.

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