Dealer Council Kicks Off With Inaugural Meeting Dealer Council Kicks Off With Inaugural Meeting dealer council

We’re thrilled to re-ignite the Dealer Council! Nearly a dozen dealer and dealer group representatives attended our first meeting on March 9th at the Minnesota Viking Preview Center in downtown Minneapolis. After an overview of the council’s mission and vision the group engaged in a wide-ranging and energetic conversation covering a wide range of topics.

The overarching goal of the Dealer Council is to create an ongoing dialogue with our dealer/partners to help us understand how we can better serve them. The Council creates an opportunity to collaborate proactively with dealers to refine the tools and products we currently offer and will help determine which future initiatives will be most viable and valuable to dealers.

Since we think of our dealers as partners it makes sense for us to invest in things that help make them successful. The Dealer Council, as a representative voice, can give us the kind of substantive feedback that will help us stay focused on the important things.

After the foundational overview, a handful of topics were introduced at the meeting, including: a potential dealership and brand recognition survey/study; the development of new tools and site features to promote dealership deals and offers; a new library of complete and customizable creative campaigns and potential tools and strategies to provide valuable content for dealer web sites and social media engagement. The thoughtful and insightful discussion that followed is already shedding new light.

Thanks again to our dealer/partners for joining us and for your commitment to participate as we move forward. Planning for the next Dealer Council meeting is underway and we’d like to extend an invitation to other dealers to consider joining the council and the conversation. If you’re interested please contact Su-Lin K. Velin at

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