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It's All About The Brand is the recognized brand

We live in a constant whirlwind of change. As marketers we’re inundated with a dizzying array of new marketing and advertising tools, techniques, products and strategies at every turn. Advertising content is sliced, diced and served up to consumers a million different ways. In the midst of the madness, one fundamental fact remains — brand is still the boss and brand awareness (or lack thereof) can make or break a business. recently completed a study to see just how we stack up brand-wise against the other guys. So, how’d we do?

We sampled a large group of intenders along with the general population in ten key Minnesota and Wisconsin DMAs to determine where stands in terms of brand awareness, brand image and brand knowledge. A few key findings:

  • had the highest unaided brand recall of all brands in Minnesota outdistancing, KBB and the rest – our unaided brand recall is nearly three times higher than Autotrader!
  • 80% of Minnesotans and over half of Wisconsin intenders recognize the brand in aided recall. Some DMAs yielded huge numbers with over 70% of intenders in Wausau and Green Bay, WI, and 100% intenders in Mankato, MN, recognizing the brand.
  • Over 36% of Minnesota intenders who purchased a vehicle used to help make a purchase decision.

Bottom line, the brand is very strong in Minnesota and Wisconsin, outperforming some very big competition. That’s excellent news for dealers who include in their marketing arsenal, and solid proof that is a great place to invest in an even bigger online presence. For more details about our Brand Awareness Survey and for ideas about how to put the power of to work for your dealership contact your account representative.

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