A Snap21 Success Story

A Snap21 Success Story


When we introduced Snap21 last June we expected good things; the results we’ve seen, though, at one CarSoup.com dealership really blew us away. Every dealer knows that online reputation matters and a positive review from a satisfied customer is worth its weight in gold. We partnered with Snap21 to help provide our dealers with an efficient, effective solution to this challenge and we’re happy to share one dealer’s success story.

Kayser Ford Lincoln’s started using Snap21 in July of 2015. In the first month they tallied twenty Snap21 reviews that each included a photo of the customer with their new vehicle. Those reviews and photos were viewed over 1000 times, shared via social media 61 times and garnered 8054 total impressions. The dealership stayed committed to working the Snap21 program and began to see improvement every month. Fast forward to February of 2016 when Kayser Ford Lincoln had eighty-seven Snap21 reviews with a photo. The reviews and photos were viewed 3,584 times and shared via social media 1,081 times which resulted in a whopping 130,232 total impressions. The vast majority of the shares were on Facebook where Kayser Ford Lincoln customers connect with family and friends who trust and value their opinions.

In just 9 months Kayser Ford Lincoln was able to generate over 408,000 impressions using Snap21. And, it’s not just quantity. The average customer rated their Kayser Ford Lincoln experience at 4.8 out of 5 which means the quality of Snap 21 reviews are consistently very high.

Wow…just, wow!

The only remaining question is, “How do I get Snap21 for my dealership?”

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