Delivers A Quality Audience Delivers A Quality Audience

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As an advertiser your challenge is threefold. First, you have to find the right audience. Next, you’ve got to deliver a compelling message, and finally you’ve got to connect with buyers at the right time. At we provide a solution to meet that three-part challenge, one that delivers bottom-of-the-funnel in-market buyers. We’ve got some new and exciting data that shows just how effective is. continues to refine and improve the quality and quantity of our audience and this new Polk data shows that we follow through on our promise to deliver bottom-of-the funnel, in-market buyers. The latest Polk Data Study, factoring both e-leads and phone calls, shows a combined average of 51.5%! Here are some of the key stats from the study that included over 4300 shoppers.

  • 5% of callers and 49.1% of e-leads purchased a vehicle within 90 days
  • Of that group 58% of callers and 55% of e-leads purchased within 30 days
  • Top nameplate registrations include Chevrolet, Ford, Honda and Toyota.

Contact your Account Manager to learn more about how you can put the power of this data to work for you.

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