New Product Spotlight: Purple Cloud

New Product Spotlight: Purple Cloud

Purple Cloud

Interesting conversation ensued during the last Dealer Council meeting surrounding the topic of digital lead management, particularly the connections between salespeople and customers where text messaging and/or other 1:1 digital interactions are becoming more prevalent and more difficult for management to track. We discussed a new product that shows promise and may provide an excellent solution. Let’s take a look at Purple Cloud.

As a brick and mortar industry, dealerships look for efficient ways to build bridges from the virtual experience to their physical environments. Many dealers have integrated chat features with their web sites to encourage consumers to make contact but in many cases this approach fails to deliver a satisfying customer experience and leaves dealerships with very few ways to monitor interactions as customers and salespeople proceed to engage digitally throughout the sales process. The Purple Cloud app is designed specifically to enhance your dealership’s ability to connect salespeople to customers in a consistent, trackable way. Purple Cloud’s real-time conversations help create informed, motivated customers and allow your sales team to interact with customers on whatever device they happen to be using. From an admin perspective, you get valuable, ongoing details about the transaction. From text messaging to video and photos the Purple Cloud app provides a consolidated timeline to keep customer interactions organized and searchable. Customers are in complete control of the conversation which are encrypted end-to-end. Your dealership has a consistent platform from which to engage which means fewer aspects of the digital conversation are likely to get lost in the shuffle. So far, it looks like a viable solution to a common problem. We’ll continue to evaluate the Purple Cloud app and will keep our dealers in the loop.

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