The Most Gorgeous Hood Ornaments Ever

The Most Gorgeous Hood Ornaments Ever

Kaiser Virginian

From insects to canines, flying ladies to Egyptians gods, some amazingly creative and beautiful ornamentation (such as this one from a Kaiser Virginian) has graced the hoods of our automobiles over time. Here’s our take on the ten most beautiful bits of automotive decoration:

Lincoln Greyhound

Lincoln’s Greyhound

Packard Goddess of Speed

Packard’s Goddess of Speed

Pierce Arrow Archer

The Pierce Arrow Archer

Rolls Spirit of Ecstacy

Rolls Royce’s Spirit of Ecstasy

Stutz Ra

The Stutz DV-32 LeBaron Sedan’s “Ra”


Hispano-Suiza’s Streamlined Crane


Bentley’s Flying B


The Delahaye “Dragonfly”

Pontiac Chieftain

Pontiac’s Chieftain

Ford Model 78 Darrin

Ford’s Model 78 Darrin Convertible

Lots more classic hood ornaments can be found on the vintage and collector automobiles at

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