CarSoup’s Secret Six

CarSoup’s Secret Six

Model A

It’s not easy being a standout these days, especially when it comes to rollin’ in style. It’s as if the mainstream auto industry has left you behind, that you’re a lone wolf in a pasture of four-wheeled sheep, that you rev to the sound of a different ignition sequence. If this sounds like you, then these six listings from are bound to light your fires.

Fire truck

1973 Ford TK Firetruck

Speaking of lighting fires, how about a classic fire truck? Complete with a 500 gallon water tank and 175 feet of hose, this bad boy is sure to cool things off on a hot summer day. (And admit it—you’ve always wanted a fire truck, haven’t you?)


1950 Hudson Pacemaker

Be still my heart! This Pacemaker has all its chrome and dash parts. And while it may not have a motor, it may be just the thing to get yours turning over.


1975 Bricklin SV-1

DeLoreans are so 1985! Be different with the car that set the gullwing standard. The creation of Malcolm Bricklin (the same dude who founded Subaru of America), the Bricklin pre-dated the DeLorean by a decade and featured power-operated gull-wing doors. This 1975 model can be yours, along with the jealous stares of onlookers.

Model T

1926 Ford Model T Touring

If 1975 is too new school for ya’, how about one of the ones that started the car craze in the first place? After all, who needs push-button ignition when you can just crank the thing!

Model A

1930 Ford Model A Coupe

This Model A will put a little junk in yer’ trunk thanks to its rumble seat. It’s in good condition and ready to roll, so let’s get ready to rumble!


1937 Buick Special Touring Sedan

Drive around like you’re Jay Gatsby himself in this pre-WWII classic. Outfitted with a Buick Straight-8 and a three-speed, she’s ready to take you down the avenue (top hat and tails optional).

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