Traction Tamers

Traction Tamers

2016 Dodge Charger SE

If you live in a climate where Mother Nature loves to sling the cold white stuff during winter, you’ve probably wished for a ride that’s a bit more road grabbing than your standard sedan. That’s where all-wheel drive really shines. Offering up better road-gripping performance than front-wheel drive cars but with better gas mileage than the big SUVs, these sedans deliver improved traction while ditching the boxy SUV look. And while some brands such as Subaru have long been associated with AWD, you might be surprised at some of your other options.

2016 Dodge Charger SE AWD — If you love American muscle cars, then the bold, sleek Dodge Charger (shown above) delivers on its promise to excite. It’s distinctive, spacious and really fun to drive. Plus, all wheel drive is available in the SE and SXT trim levels which makes it a great blend of style, performance and safety.

2016 Chrysler 200 C

2016 Chrysler 200 — This is a great looking car – all American with a Euro flare. The interior is sleek and upscale. Even when you take the all wheel drive package and load it up with cold weather options you’ll still be under $35K.

2016 Subaru Legacy

2016 Subaru Legacy — All wheel drive is standard in the Subaru Legacy and while it may not be the slickest looking car in the world it’s an amazingly solid performer from the car company that’s done more to refine and perfect all-wheel-drive than any other.

2016 Buick AWD

2016 Buick Regal— With available all wheel drive, tons of standard features and an affordable price you’ll want to put the Buick Regal on your short list of entry-level luxury sedans. An array of cold weather options can be added to the AWD version to make Regal a great choice for winter driving.

2016 Ford Fusion AWD

2016 Ford Fusion — It’s got great looks, solid power and decent fuel economy along with plenty of tech features, cold weather options and all wheel drive. Ford is rewriting the rules with this sharp, distinctive mid-size sedan.

2016 Audi A4 AWD

2016 Audi A4— “Quattro” means “four” in Italian but the Audi A4 all wheel drive is all about the finest in German engineering. It’s on several “top choice under $35K” lists and even in this entry level vehicle, the A4 delivers one of the best driving experiences around.

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