Volvo Launches Ultra-Lux 3-Seater

Volvo Launches Ultra-Lux 3-Seater

Volvo has long been associated with safety, but now the brand is taking aim at the high-end luxury buyer who plans on being chauffeured around.


Propelled by an injection of cash from its new Chinese owners, Volvo’s VX90 Excellence is more of everything that makes Volvo, well, excellent. Based on the regular S90 sedan, the Excellence jettisons the front passenger seat to create a rear passenger area that is loaded with legroom and ultra swanky amenities. From the multi-purpose footrest that doubles as storage for your shoes to the massaging seat backs, rear passengers in the S90 Excellence are treated to an experience like no other.


In workspace mode, passengers are able to use the fold-out table and pop-up screen to run their laptop. Swapping to entertainment mode puts video content on the screen, with audio streaming through the wireless Bowers & Wilkins headphones. When that’s too much, the screen can be folded away in relaxation mode.


Along with its fancy Lounge Console, the S90 Excellence is even fitted with a drinks cooler and storage for crystal glasses, just in case you get the sudden urge to drink your 25-year-old scotch from hand-cut crystal while you’re shuttled from airport to office. And hey, who wouldn’t?

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