The Car Doctor is "In"

The Car Doctor is "In"

The car doctor is "in"

Automotive technicians are often compared to doctors. This comparison undoubtedly makes some techs smile and others grimace. But in the end, the two professions have a lot in common. It may surprise consumers to find that by choosing these professionals wisely, they can get better care at a better price.

When it comes to choosing a repair shop, many experts extol the virtues of the clean facility, a wall adorned with ASE certificates or a coffee pot and some tasty snacks. While these items are important, these four vital questions tell most of the story:

  • Will the service advisor or tech take time to listen to your description of the car’s problem?
  • Can they explain things to you in layman’s terms?
  • If necessary, will they test-drive the car with you?
  • Do they have the knowledge and equipment to diagnose and repair it the first time?

Back to the doctor/technician comparison. Some doctor’s are great diagnosticians. They can pinpoint a malady when their peers are coming up with empty charts. What’s the difference between that doctor and the people wearing white coats? Possibly his/her knowledge and perhaps equipment, but probably it’s listening skills that sets the really great docs apart from the good ones. When choosing a professional, the variety that looks after your car or the variety that looks after your body, ask them the four-questions. In effect, audition them. See how the doctor takes care of your flu and how the tech deals with an oil change before visiting with something more serious. Watch how they handle their time and be aware of how much time is allotted to you. Are they tuned into your problems and asking relevant questions? Are they providing an objective opinion based on information they’ve garnered during your discussion? Can they explain the problem and solution to you in laymen’s terms?

The bottom line is this time is money. The less time these people are willing to spend on the front end often multiplies the amount of time needed on the back end. In the case of both the doctor and tech, the extra time spent having to fix you or your car a second or third time not only is expensive, it can be detrimental to the car or patient’s condition.

Most regions are teeming with automotive professionals (and doctors, too) who are trained to listen, learn, test and correctly repair your vehicle (or body) the first time. By working with a great shop, over the course of time you can save endless hours and cash.

And here’s an added bonus, patronizing these professionals and telling your friends means that more folks can enjoy and benefit from their outstanding business methods.

Source: Car Care Council

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