Make the most of your auto show visit this year

Make the most of your auto show visit this year

[![Auto show season is here. This new Honda CR-V was on display at the recent LA Auto Show.]

The big LA and Detroit auto shows are over, but plenty of regional shows are coming up throughout the country later this winter. If you are planning to attend a show in your neck of the woods, here are a few tips for getting the most out of your visit.

Be practical
Most shows cover a large expanse of square-footage, and include hundreds or sometimes thousands of vehicles, so dress casually and wear comfortable shoes. Also, given the large size of most events, plan out at least two to three hours to see the whole show. Plus, pick up a free program that will make it easy to find everything.

Be selective
If you feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of vehicles and people at the show, do a little planning ahead of time and you’ll be fine. If you have already been shopping for a new car, and have narrowed your options to a few specific makes and models, bring along your list so you can selectively choose what you want to see. Having all of the brands together under one roof makes it quite convenient for those in the market for a new car because comparison shopping is much easier.

Ask questions
Autos shows are perfect settings for asking questions. Sales reps are there in full force to answer questions and provide information. In a sense, they are a “captive audience.” Dealership staff members are there for you, so take advantage of their availability and expertise. In addition, collect the literature you want on specific vehicles and set up test drives.

Have fun
Auto shows are excellent places to just simply go and see what’s new out there. For instance, a lot of people attend to see the latest technology, gadgets and gizmos. Plus, auto shows offer attendees the chance to see newly introduced models that won’t hit showrooms until later in the year. Also, auto shows often have a lot of fun exhibits and vendors that may feature race cars or vintage/antique vehicles or other items of interest.

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