Ford Cars? Not So Much.

Ford Cars? Not So Much.

Remember the old slogan, “Have you driven a Ford lately?” When it comes to Ford cars, looks like you won’t get much of a chance in the future.

Ford, backing up its promise to double-down on trucks and SUVs, is killing the Fiesta subcompact, Fusion midsize sedan, Taurus large sedan and C-Max van in the U.S. Going forward, all that will be left (if you don’t want a truck or an SUV), will be only two options: the Mustang and a new hatchback called the Focus Active that will take the place of the current Focus compact.

The Ford Active will be a beefy small vehicle that will have a higher profile like an SUV, but still be considered a car.

The plan is in keeping with one recently outlined by CEO Jim Hackett to introduce more trucks and SUVs, the vehicles that buyers currently seem to want the most (seeing as car sales have been declining industry wide while trucks and SUVs continue to dominate).

Ford claims it will use the excess capacity created in its plants by car models that are ending to introduce new truck and SUV models. (Hey, they have to have some place to build the new Ranger pickup and Bronco SUV).

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