2019 Volvo V60

2019 Volvo V60

Volvo’s wave of model renewal is almost complete. From the current XC90 to the new XC40, each new Volvo was developed from a common set of platforms with shared drivelines across all of the range. This program continues with its latest models – the 2019 S60 sedan and V60 wagon.

We had the chance to drive and evaluate a 2019 Volvo V60 T6 AWD Inscription wagon to see how Volvo has progressed throughout its renewal program to its current premium compact sports wagon.

It is worth repeating that every new Volvo is an important vehicle for the Swedish brand. The V60 is one of three wagons in its class but offers the widest range of performance and trim options in its class. In our case, we got the most luxurious trim – the Inscription – with all-wheel-drive and the T6 engine. T6 stands for a 2.0-liter turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder engine. We will explain all of this throughout our review.


The new V60 wagon was designed to be more of a mainstream design compared to its previous model. It was designed to carry more behind the second row with an airier and more practical cabin. The result is a wagon that is designed for purpose, as well as for driving pleasure.

For those familiar with current Volvo design trends, you will find the “Thor’s Hammer” LED lights that split the front headlamp units to bridge the concaved grille. The result is a sculpted look that keeps the V60 distinguished among its rivals. From there, the long roof crowns a very handsome side profile, along with a third glass that is more three-dimensional in look and use. The rear liftgate is framed by a taillight design with the familiar vertical lens along the corners of the roof, carried through with another horizontal lens that cuts across most of the liftgate.


The V60’s lower profile may seem “just right” with its cabin space with much of Volvo’s current interior themes. The Inscription offers a more luxurious atmosphere with cream-colored leather in our tester, and front seat power adjustments for rake, recline, lumbar, bolsters, and the cushion extender. These front seats also include a massaging option, as well. Rear seat room is fine, but the doors are small to get in and out of. Cargo space is

As with every new Volvo introduced since the XC90, the instrument panel is a thing of beauty of function. Instrumentation is fully digital and customizable. Our tester was set for the navigation to appear between the two large dials. In the middle is where the Sensus infotainment system lives inside a large portrait-oriented touchscreen. This screen also houses many of the vehicle functions, including climate, various audio playback options, and several seat adjustments – to name a few. The clean design continues onto the console where the starter and electronic parking brake are located.


Volvo customers are offered two different driveline options. Our tester had the T6 option, which is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with both a turbocharger and a supercharger. With 316 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, the V60 T6 is a powerful machine. It does lack some refinement in terms of power delivery, compared to the less powerful turbocharged T5 engine. The eight-speed automatic shifts very well and the all-wheel-drive system keeps the V60 on track through any weather.

In terms of fuel economy, we averaged only 22.5 MPG in a mix of conditions.

This compact sports wagon has some great driving dynamics and manners. The ride is solid, but the handling is truly superb. It is what you expect from a premium sports wagon – rather, a premium sports sedan. The steering system offers great feedback and a sharp turning radius. Steering weight can be adjusted depending on which drive mode you are in.


The brakes are also solid with excellent stopping power in normal and panic situations. The system also can stop the car itself, if it detects an oncoming vehicle from the front or back of the V60. Volvo calls this City Safety, which is a part of a host of excellent driver assistance features called Intellisafe. Volvo’s decades-long commitment to making safer vehicles is one reason to consider any of their vehicles.

For pricing, it starts off with the V60 Momentum T5 with front-wheel-drive at a base price of $38,900. Our T6 all-wheel-drive Inscription tester came with a sticker price of $61,490, fully loaded with packages and premium features.


There are not many competitors to the V60. BMW offers the 3-Series Sport Wagon as a direct competitor to the Volvo. Audi’s A4-based Allroad has a specific mission as a ruggedized small wagon with all-wheel-drive. Volvo will introduce their answer to the Allroad with the V60 Cross Country coming later this year.

Volvo accomplished a complete overhaul of their entire line – and it shows with every model they introduced since the XC90 in 2016. The V60 adds some flavor to a small premium compact sports wagon segment, while maintaining every aspect of Volvo’s push towards excellence. There is no question that Volvo owners will absolutely love the V60 wagon.

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