2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country

2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country

Volvo has a tradition of creating station wagons that aspire to take on all climates and road surfaces. They can do what most SUVs can do, but in a much more concentrated package. Volvo calls these wagons the Cross Country. With the entire Volvo lineup revamped, it was a matter of time until they reintroduced the Cross Country version of the compact V60 wagon.

We enjoyed the latest V60 wagon a year ago. We were excited to hear that we will be trying out the 2020 V60 Cross Country during the winter. This will be the real test on how well Volvo has kept up their smaller Cross Country wagon in the climate where it was made for.


The V60's overall design starts with the brand’s signature "Thor's Hammer" LED lights that split the front headlamp units to bridge the slightly concave grille. The result is a sculpted look that keeps the V60 distinguished among its rivals. From there, the longer roof crowns a very handsome side profile, along with a third glass that is more three-dimensional in look and use.

The rear liftgate is framed by a taillight design with the familiar vertical lens along the corners of the roof, carried through with another horizontal lens that cuts across most of the liftgate.


What distinguishes a Cross Country from the rest of the V60 lineup is the slightly raised ride height by 2.5 inches, with an increased ground clearance of 0.4 inches. Volvo adds a specific grille texture and plastic side cladding on the lower edge of the body, including the wheel arches. The Cross Country also rides on 19-inch alloy wheels and Pirelli P-Zero All Season tires.

The V60's lower profile may seem "just right" with its cabin space with much of Volvo's current interior themes. The Cross Country is offered in the Momentum grade interior, which actually is quite luxurious. Our tester would come in a cream-colored leather, offering front seat power adjustments for rake, recline, lumbar, and the cushion extender.


Average-sized adults and children will find the rear seat to their liking. They do get heated seats in the back along with their own climate controls. This was proven on a couple of airport runs to fetch my roommate and her boyfriend from their quick weekender. There is 50.9 cubic feet of cargo space with all seats down.

Instrumentation is fully digital and customizable. In the middle is where the Sensus infotainment system lives inside a large portrait-oriented touchscreen. This screen also houses many of the vehicle functions, including climate, various audio playback options, and several seat adjustments – to name a few. The clean design continues onto the console where the starter and electronic parking brake are located.


For the V60 Cross Country, only one engine is offered: a 250-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The eight-speed automatic shifts very well and the all-wheel-drive system keeps the V60 Cross Country on track through any weather. This powertrain is responsive and smooth. In terms of fuel economy, we averaged only 22.5 MPG.

This V60 Cross Country has some great driving dynamics and manners. The ride is solid, but the handling is truly superb. Though we wished we had better tires to handle the winter road surfaces better. The steering system offers great feedback and a sharp turning radius. Steering weight can be adjusted depending on which drive mode you are in.

The brakes are also solid with excellent stopping power in normal and panic situations. The system also can stop the car itself, if it detects an oncoming vehicle from the front or back of the V60 Cross Country. Volvo calls this City Safety, which is a part of a host of excellent driver assistance features called Intellisafe. Volvo's decades-long commitment to making safer vehicles is one reason to consider any of their vehicles.


For pricing, the V60 Cross Country starts at $45,100. My tester had a few options tacked on to the bill, giving it a final price of $56,990.

The V60 Cross Country is a specific kind of vehicle. Its competitors are just a few. These competitors include the Subaru Outback, Audi A4 allroad, and Buick Regal TourX.

If you are looking for a proper winter wagon, consider the 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country. It will do what you want it to do anywhere you take it. Plus, we believe that the V60 Cross Country is truly a good alternative to the SUV.

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