2020 Hyundai Venue

2020 Hyundai Venue

If you live in a neighborhood where parking is an absolute premium, and you really need a SUV or crossover, you are in luck. There are now more choices available to fit your urban lifestyle.

The newest SUV in this class is the 2020 Hyundai Venue. It is actually the smallest SUV sold in this country. We wondered if this very small wonder can satisfy customers looking for a SUV or crossover on a budget?

A few stretches of the tape measure show that the Venue is indeed the shortest SUV sold in America – by about two inches. It is also the lightest SUV on the market – by about 300 pounds.

2020 Hyundai Venue

While the Venue is small in stature, it shows off the latest design elements seen on other Hyundai SUVs. The front end is dominated by a grille with three-dimensional textures and chrome finishes. Flanked by either side are two headlamp units with LED surround lenses sitting lower on the front fascia, while the top lamps are for the turn signals. The roofline is upright with a slant towards the rear.

Our Denim tester has a cool two-tone paint job with a white contrasting roof. There are other interesting textures in our tester, including white accents on the front and rear bumper, on each wheel arch, and in the nameplate on the liftgate. In all, it is handsome for a very small vehicle.

2020 Hyundai Venue

Stepping inside of the Venue Denim edition and you are greeted with a blue motif. It is not often that we have a blue interior in today’s automobiles. The upholstery is a mix of leatherette and a denim cloth. The seats are actually comfortable up front, as well as supportive. Rear seat room can be a bit tight for long-legged passengers, but the headroom is great.

Hyundai customers will be familiar with the Venue’s dashboard. It has analog readouts with a digital information screen in the middle. The infotainment screen is tacked in-between two center vents, instead of on top of the dashboard. Climate controls are manual with a center circular readout for all of the functions. Everything else is made for the price point, including the handbrake.

2020 Hyundai Venue

The rear cargo area is neat and very versatile. The cargo cover can be stowed neatly behind the second row of seats, while the floor can be adjusted for height. With the rear seats up, you can stow up to 18.7 cubic feet, expanding to 31.9 cubic feet for larger items.

Power comes from a 121-horsepower 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. It is rather sprightly and jaunty, meaning that it motivates the Venue without any fatigue. Power is sent to the front wheels through the company’s Intelligent Variable Transmission, which is well-matched for this engine and the 2,738-pound Venue. We observed a fuel consumption average of 34.5 MPG.

2020 Hyundai Venue

Ride quality from this small Hyundai SUV was solid. It did its best to absorb rougher surfaces while enjoying smooth roads. Handling was on the soft side, as it had a very low limit on the turns. Not to mention that its tires needed some more grip in wet conditions. The boxy shape of the Venue also lent itself for us to fight it through the wind out on the highway during our time with this vehicle.

We did experience a very tight turning radius from the Venue’s steering system. The system works well to point the Venue where it needed to go. Its braking system is actually good. With good pedal feel, we accomplished great feedback from the wheels and solid stops in normal and panic situations.

Pricing for the Hyundai Venue starts at $17,350. Our Denim tester came with a sticker price of $23,305.

While it is the smallest SUV sold in this country, the Hyundai Venue has plenty of competitors that consumers are looking at. Consumers have been comparing the Venue to the Ford EcoSport, Chevrolet Trax, Jeep Renegade, Nissan Kicks, Toyota C-HR, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Mazda CX-3, Honda HR-V, and Kia Soul. Hyundai customers were also looking at the larger Kona compared to the Venue.

The Venue works in specific situations. If you live in a city where parking is an absolute premium and you can do everything within the city’s limits – or out to the inner ring of suburbs – the 2020 Hyundai Venue will be a fine choice for your city dwelling lifestyle – at a price that won’t break the bank.

Story Credits: CarSoup Editors

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