2022 Polestar 2

2022 Polestar 2

The battery-electric vehicle market keeps on expanding. With more models coming this year alone, we may soon forget that there are other choices out there for us.

One of those choices is the Polestar 2.

What is a Polestar? It is Volvo’s new premium brand focusing on electrified vehicles. While the longtime Swedish brand has a couple of fully battery-electric models, Polestar distinguishes itself as providing a special and eco-friendly feeling inside and out.

2022 Polestar 2

The new premium four-door hatchback shares Volvo’s Compact Modular Architecture with the Volvo XC40 and the new C40. The body may have plenty of Volvo clues, but it is built as a Polestar from the start. The Thor Hammer headlights are from the Volvo parts bin, but not the taillights, front clip and three-box roofline. The wheels were clearly designed with the Polestar 2 in mind, adding aerodynamics and brake cooling.

We think the Polestar 2 is quite handsome in all. The hatchback opens up wide for greater loading. The hood opens up to small compartment, along with the tire repair kit and extra 110-120-volt charging cord.

Polestar 2

Stepping inside the Polestar 2 might look familiar. While some will point out the Volvo design in most parts, there is a lot of Polestar details added throughout the cabin. The shifter works the same as a Volvo XC40, but with a nice design to it.  The driver gets a fully digital instrumentation cluster, along with a stand-alone tablet-like infotainment screen.

Our tester had Nappa leather seating to offset the reconstructed wood trim inside. A few adjustments will help clear the lower-than expected roof will make this comfortable for taller occupants. Rear seat room would be more suitable for average-sized adults.

2022 Polestar 2

Cargo space in the back is rated at 14 cubic feet behind the rear seats. There is an underfloor storage space available, and the rear seatbacks fold down, as well. We mentioned previously that there is a small space in the front underneath the “frunk.”

We had reservations about the Polestar 2’s rearward vision. The hatch’s glass angle and the third brake light housing limits vision from the small-ish rearview mirror. To compensate for this lack of vision, you do get a 360-degree camera view on the lower portion of the infotainment screen.

2022 Polestar 2

The Polestar 2 is available with a single-motor model with 231 horsepower on tap. That vehicle has a range of 270 miles on a full battery charge. We drove the dual motor model, with each motor driving an axle. This all-wheel drive set-up is good for 408 horsepower with a maximum 249-mile range. The dual motor model can also tow up to 2,000 pounds with the equipped hitch receiver, that doubles as a bike rack holder.

The driving experience is something you probably been wanting from an electric vehicle. It drives quite smoothly and can ease into traffic – or, sprint under heavier acceleration.

2022 Polestar 2

There is a selectable One Pedal Driving mode available. You can select between two modes – one for a more aggressive setting upon braking and acceleration – or, you turn it completely off. The more robust setting induces regenerative braking, while coming to a complete stop without the use of the brake pedal. This system felt normal – not scary as in other EVs in the the past.

To emulate a normal driving situation at a stop, you can select the Creep mode to let the Polestar 2 move a bit more off the stop into position. That is, if you let off the accelerator too soon.

In all, the Polestar 2 offers a solid ride that absorbs the roughest roads without any feedback into the cabin. It handled quite well, and steering was precise. On-center feel is very good.

2022 Polestar 2

Pricing for the Polestar 2 with the single motor starts at $45,900 before any tax credits kick in. Dual motor models start at $49,900. Our Dual Motor tester with the Performance and Plus packs came with a sticker price of $68,600.

The electric vehicle space is growing with new entrants arriving every year. The Polestar 2 is up against some formidable competitors, including the Tesla Model 3, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Kia EV6, Hyundai IONIQ5, BMW i4, Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron, and Jaguar i-Pace.

For a battery-electric vehicle consumer, the Polestar 2 is exactly what you get when you take a Volvo and give it a bit more massaging and a battery pack underneath the cabin. The result is more than the sum of its parts. It is truly a great choice for sustainable driving.

Story Credits: CarSoup Editors

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